Czech – Smart phones are the biggest threat to the casino

Big casino robbery or employee embezzlement? Even those casino threats do not shrink more than the thing we normally carry in our pocket. This is a smart phone, did it surprise you?

Smartphones currently reach performance that has been attributed only to super computers a few years ago (with a bit of exaggeration). These clever devices can no longer just make phone calls and send messages, but they can do a good job even with a smart application. Maybe counting cards here.

The card counting application will arrange for your phone to pick up the cards that go to the table. And then it calculates when it is best to bet. Some apps go so far as to calculate accurate bets depending on your opening bank.

The card counting application can be purchased for about 100 dollars (2000 crowns) on so-called darknet, a hidden layer of the Internet. Perhaps even simpler is the way to a stand-alone counting device in the look of the phone, which costs somewhere at 200 dollars (4,000 crowns). If you are accustomed to playing at high limits and in the evening you will “go for a card”, you have this amount paid up within 2 hours of the game.

The casino response:

He has begun to raise the issue of reading cards several years ago with the Nevada Gambling Supervision Authority. However, the casino does not need to be warned at this time either. The possibilities of smart phones are practically unlimited, so the threat of losing money due to mobile phones hangs in the air all the time. And so the casino started to defend them, basically flat.

The card counting application is of course dependent on the location on or near the table so that the phone can capture individual values ​​through the camera. More and more casinos forbid players to place mobile phones on or near the table. At high limits (this is especially true of poker rooms) in some casinos, players are encouraged to leave their mobile outside the room. There is no need to add that even these measures do not help in some cases.

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