Czech - The vast majority of illegal gambling on the web has disappeared

This year, 99% of illegal gambling in the Czech Republic disappeared on the Internet. This was said by Deputy Finance Minister Ondřej Závodský. At the end of 2016, according to the Ministry of Finance in the Czech Republic, there were 55 betting companies that offered their services in Czech but did not pay a lottery tax.

After the introduction of the new Hazard Act from 1 January this year, only five smaller ones are left behind. All are on a black list and their site should be blocked.

“We have 99 percent of the bets out of the box, the remaining percentage is the smaller companies that are testing it, five companies are blocked on the list of unauthorized games, they should be blocked by Internet providers, and they are trying to circumvent them in a variety of ways. payments, they should not be advertisements, and they are five really small companies, “said Závodský, who ends at the end of December.

Big companies such as Bet365 or Betfair, according to him, ceased to operate in the Czech Republic on December 31, 2016. “Only with 80 percent of the Czech Internet has returned from the Czech Internet, and after the first few letters at the beginning of the year and the beginning of the administrative proceedings, the deputy added. For violation of the law, the Ministry imposed fines from the beginning for about 200 million crowns.

The law, according to Racovski, has fulfilled absolutely everything he had to accomplish, and in the Internet, the results are even better than he expected. “On the Internet today we have more than 20 passes, except bingo for all games, and if anyone says they can not get it, they are lying down, if someone gave us at the beginning of January insufficient materials and said he was running away several million a day there was no argument for us to bend over the law, “the deputy added.

If the officially blocked sites run, it is because the Internet provider does not fulfil its obligations. “If that is the case, they should know about the sanction, but I did not want to go to them right now, I wanted to be an information campaign, but if they really did not, we would not lose anything. when it comes to opening the page, it is a question of whether it really is going to play there, “said Závodský.

Larger foreign companies have only been licensed to PokerStars. In addition to one other company applying for a digital game license, there is no other active asset. “They are carefully analysing whether they are worth it, there is really a very small market covered by Czech companies or, more precisely, traditional companies on the Czech market, and I am not entirely excited about dividing it into Czech and foreign companies. And by its very nature it can not be known whether there are more Czech or foreign shareholders, “the deputy said.

By the end of the year, the ministry plans to abolish the state property section of the state controlled by Závodský. This department should be moved to the Tax and Customs section.

“I do not see in the soul of the concrete individuals who have decided it, I certainly do not think that the change is something more effective, it is absolutely purposeful, that it will not end up serving me does not mean I will not stay in the service, but I always need a new challenge, and I do not think there will be room for any challenges under the current leadership of the ministry, “said Dodowski.

Source: Tyden

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