E-casinos are conquering the network. Poles spend astronomical sums here

Already 11 percent Global Internet traffic is gambling. Poles are also more eager to play for money online. Annually, they spend over EUR 1.4 billion this way.

The global online gambling industry is growing rapidly – in 2011, this market was valued at around USD 30 billion (at the current exchange rate it’s EUR 26.8 billion), and today it is estimated at USD 50 billion (EUR 44.7 billion). Analyzes indicate that in the coming years, revenues of companies offering online games on the market will increase by almost 10% annually. From the latest forecasts of Playtech, a company that provides technologies for the gambling industry, it appears that by the end of 2020 the market will exceed the limit of USD 60 billion (EUR 53.6 billion), and by 2023 – up to USD 74 billion (EUR 66.1).

The boom is made by players from Asia and Latin America, as well as from Africa. As James Newman from Playtech points out, the importance will also be gained by Central and Eastern Europe, and in this region Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Belarus are particularly promising. In Poland, interest in the game is clearly growing. According to industry analyzes in Poland, online gambling in 2018 was worth EUR 1.428 billion.

    Games have long since gone out of the casinos and have settled in the mainstream of entertainment, especially in the online one. Given that up to 11 percent of all internet traffic is associated with playing and betting, it is easy to imagine the scale of the industry – says James Newman.

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