Poland – E-sport is growing rapidly in bookmaker’s bets

We see a big increase in e-sport bets. It will grow in the coming years, but for now it is below 1%. – said Konrad Komarczuk, the president of Fortuna Online, Bookmakers, guest of Marcin Piasecki’s program.

The guest noticed that after the regulatory changes the bookmaker’s market has doubled in size.

– As bookmakers, we were beneficiaries of changes by sealing the market. Other sectors of the gambling market have been practically monopolized. All other parts of the market at the moment are in the hands of one entity, which is Totalizator Sportowy – explained Komarczuk.

– Now we have the opportunity to advertise our products on the market. For Fortuna, these changes are positive – he added.

Komarczuk revealed that Fortuna significantly increased the number of users, by over 100%. – Our users have moved their portfolios from the illegal market and started paying taxes in Poland – he said. – Our revenues in 2017 in relation to 2016 increased by 102%. – he added.

Komarczuk said that 69% of sales are based on football. – The second discipline is tennis, about 9%. The next sport is hockey, about 8%. There is also volleyball, basketball, handball – he specified.

– This year we see a big increase in e-sports betting. It will grow in the coming years, but for now it is below 1%. – he added.

He explained that these are bets made on the competition of people who play computer games. – The basic bets are on Counter-Strike or League of Legends. There are also professional teams and bets made on which one of them would win. This is a completely new type of customer who does not play sports betting and is in a lower age category – he explained.

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