Enlabs posts an update on how the outbreak of COVID-19 affects its daily operations

Enlabs has offices in six countries and strictly follows recommendations from local authorities. All staff have been offered to work from home and no business trips are allowed.

We are used to working digitally, which is why the changeover was immediate and efficient. Our business works very well. We are fully operational and have a welded organization that shows great cohesion and enthusiasm, despite prevailing circumstances.  The press-release says.

In Lithuania, all public premises are closed, currently until March 27, a date that can be extended by government decision. In Lithuania, Enlabs operates twenty LBOs, which are thus closed. In Latvia, all LBOs and casinos are closed. Enlabs operates eleven LBOs in the country, which are thus closed. Also in Estonia, all LBOs and casinos are closed. Enlabs does not conduct any such business in Estonia. Enlabs has chosen not to lay off employees in the LBOs. Despite the shutdowns, all of them receive full pay. Other markets where Enlabs operates are not affected to a greater extent.

The large number of canceled and postponed sports events, leagues and tournaments all over the world results in reduced activity in our betting. In 2019, Enalab’s LBOs accounted for 6% of the group’s revenue and our online betting accounted for 24% of the revenue. .

“The most important thing in this situation is the safety of our employees and ensuring that we are fully operational. I am very proud of how quickly and efficiently we have adapted to prevailing conditions. How the situation will affect the future is difficult to assess at present, and conditions can change rapidly. As of today, we do not see a greater impact on operations, sales or earnings. We continue to focus on delivering the best customer experience and monitoring the development very closely.” Says CEO and group president George Ustinov.

ENLABS stands for Entertainment Laboratories. The corporate group has offices in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Malta, Marbella and Stockholm. The operating subsidiaries hold national licenses for their operations and the Group employs approximately 200 employees.


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