Enlabs’s Up and running in Latvia

Enlabs is fully operational in Latvia, both online and retail after the president of Latvia signed the new law “On Management of Consequences Caused by the Spread of Covid-19” which excludes previous requirements to suspend all gambling licenses in the country.

 “Latvia is back! And we will now continue to deliver best-in-class service to our customers in this exciting market. The Enlabs team demonstrated amazing energy and solidarity during the lockdown, and I want to thank them sincerely for all their efforts. We have been very busy the past period of time, and are now eager to roll out improvements to our products. So let’s play!” Says CEO George Ustinov.

With Latvia lifting its restrictions on the gaming industry, Enlabs is now fully operational in all markets.


Andriey Nabukhotnyi

Former editor-in-chief of Ukrainian specialized magazine catalogue Entertainment Industry. Andriey is E-Play's observer of Eastern European gambling market.

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