In Estonia, computer literate addicts may also need to send to treatment in case of need

Although gambling addiction is usually spoken in the context of gambling, it extends to computer games, and it turns out that, like a gambling addict, a computer game addict can also be referred to forced treatment if necessary.

NGO Gambling Addiction Counseling Board Member and Clinical Psychologist-Psychotherapist of Psychiatric Clinic Kaare told that the game’s dependence, no matter which game, is defined as behavioral addiction.

Diagnostically, although only pathological gambling is classified, diagnostic criteria are generalizable for the various addictive behaviours caused by playing games.

He added that when it comes to detecting a game of addiction, it is always the first to always make it clear which particular game a person plays.

He also pointed out that problems arise mainly from games that create racing, for example, in points or levels, but this is not the only rule, as there may be other psychological and psychiatric problems that may be overplayed by humans as game play helps to solve problems to move away.

How to treat it?

Kaare explained that helping victims of gambling addiction or excessive gaming behavior from the Gambling addiction counselling centre.

“Treatment is psychotherapeutic – it is represented by cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy for children and young people,” Kaare said.

Treatment is free for all, and no referral is required. If necessary, a psychiatrist or other professionals, such as child protection and social workers, will be involved in the process.

However, forensic treatment is decided by a specialist. “Forced psychiatric treatment is also applied to this problem, similar to other mental disorders,” Kaare said, but stressed that the real problem is often a psychiatric disorder that involves psychiatric treatment, in particular, or in addition to the behavioural adjustment.

How to recognize the game addiction?

According to Kaar, help to recognize the game’s addiction here. The page provides a number of ways to see if and how big is the gaming problem.


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