Estonia reports lower gambling tax revenues

Restrictions caused by the spread of coronavirus are having a significant impact on gambling tax receipts. The lack of funds paralyzes activities, including those related to social welfare, financed by the tax and under the auspices of the Ministry of Social Affairs, the ministry says.

“The fall in gambling tax receipts will undoubtedly put great pressure on the ministry to finance agreed projects,” Rait Kuuse, deputy secretary general for social policy at the social affairs ministry said, according to Baltic News Service.

Gambling tax receipts in February had already fallen by one third; a larger fall is expected through the spring months. Payments for the second quarter of 2020 took place in April, according to the agreed payment schedule, and we are working to mitigate the negative effects of the crisis,” Rait Kruuse said.

Projects under the aegis of the culture ministry, the finance ministry and the education ministry have also been affected by the drop in gambling tax revenue.

Social affairs minister Tanel Kiik (Center) said that support for the disabled and their representative groups would be the last area cuts would be made.

The Tax and Customs Board (MTA) says that gambling tax receipts were distributed with 45 percent of the tax coming from lotteries, 34 percent from slot machines, 5 percent from casino gaming tables, 4 percent from toto (a type of lottery-ed,) and 10 percent from online and other remote gambling. One percent of gambling tax was collected from tournaments involving games of chance, BNS reports.


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