EU legal advisor criticizes Ukrainian gambling bill

According to Philippe Vlaemminck, the legal advisor of some EU countries and European gambling operators, the problem of the new Ukrainian bill on gambling is that it puts money on the first place, while in EU countries law makers try to solve social issues primarily. Mr. Vlaemminck was invited to Kyiv to speak at several committees in Ukrainian Parliament this week.

He is widely regarded as a leading player in the current debate on state lotteries and gambling in the EU and WTO, and has been involved as a Member State representative in every gambling case before the CJEU and the EFTA Court (more than 40 cases). He also acts as a legal adviser to various EU Member States on EU law, and is regularly invited as a speaker to lottery and gambling conferences and seminars or to chair panels throughout the EU.

The expert notes that, first of all, gambling policy should help to prevent abuse and protect the consumer. The second priority in legalization is to prevent money laundering.

“Even if the policy itself was aimed at funding the budget, in the end, it should not be limited to receiving dividends,” Philippe Vlaemminck said.


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