Expert named 3 main challenges for Russian bookmakers in 2019 published a big interview with Nikolay Oganezov, the representative of the Russian bookmaker business, the head of the subcommittee on bookmaker business of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The expert outlined three major challenges facing the bookmakers in Russia in 2019 aimed at raising bookies’ revenues, expanding the market and improving services.

According to Nikolay Oganezov, the first goal is achieving a civilized competition in the market. The second challenge is the optimization of tax legislation. The third task is the legislative definition of the list of events for betting.

According to the expert, in 2018 the market grew by 70% due to the World Cup. However, Mr. Oganezov considers this growth may also have some negative consequences as it lacks long-term qualitative features like automation of processes, labor productivity, know-hows, etc.  Moreover, this was a short term growth due to a one-time football event and retention rate of new clients is just 15-20%.


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