Experts calculated how much Russians bet on sports on average

According to the study, the amount of a bet varies depending on the time of the year. Visitors of betting shops bet mote on summer sports than on winter competitions.

Analysts of the IT company ATOL conducted a study and found out the average amount of a bet on sport in Russia. The experts found out that this value is 1848 rubles (€25.8) . At the same time, it is noted that 25% of players spend more than 1,000 rubles for one bet, while the size of the bet on summer sports is on average 6.4% higher than on winter sports.

During the study, the company’s specialists analyzed the data of receipts, which were formed by the bookmaker companies from Russia, using the ATOL online cash registers. Bets made and paid online for the period from July 1, 2018 to June 24, 2019 were taken into account.

The founder of the ATOL company, Aleksey Makarov, noted that, according to the study, players place bets not only on football and boxing mostly. There are shift towards other sports as well.

“Usually the shift is associated with major international competitions. There were several of them in October: the World Volleyball Championship for Women, the World Championships in Artistic Gymnastics and the Summer Youth Olympic Games. The March shift is most likely related to biathlon competitions”, Alexey Makarov said.

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