FACE – CHECK – technology in the service of game control

This technology was presented for the first time at the ICE 2018 fair in London, it was received with great interest among the representatives of casinos and arcades. It allows for touchless control of people who come to game points.

The use of this technological solution is derived in a straight line from the safeguards applied at airports and border crossings, where the recognition of faces and their characteristic features gives the opportunity to eliminate the threat and captures the sought-after people from the overflowing human mass. In this case, the use of this technology is intended to help in the operation of casinos, gaming rooms and the operation of maintenance-free bookmaker terminals placed at betting points.

In the case of casinos and game arcades, in many legislations it is mandatory to strictly record people who come to these shrines by controlling the player’s ID together with remembering the face photographed at the entrance for the first time when checking in.

Facecheck technology


For a long time, there has been a custom used by casinos to have their list of excluded players who are forbidden to enter a particular casino or casino network of one owner, as a result of management decisions or at their own request. Similarly, in some jurisdictions, which require the identification of players entering casinos or arcades due to age, its amount is regulated by special regulations. It is about applying the rules of responsible gambling, in other words, making it impossible for minors to use gambling.

And this is the main purpose of the FACE-CHECK system, which’s main assumption is the elimination of unwanted persons during entry to the gaming point.

Facecheck technology


The operation of the system looks as follows: during the entrance to the place of the game, one should be analyzed by the cameras of the system, which will assess whether one is free from prohibition and exclusion.
After the analysis, the system connected with the cameras with the analytical program and input gates issues its assessment:

• if it is a green light, you can easily cross the checkpoint and be a guest in the arcade.
• if it is yellow, you should undergo a standard identification process by showing ID, because the system after the analysis has doubts about the age of the player.
• if it is red, it means that the person is on the forbidden list or under 25, which prevents entry.

The same happens when you try to place a bet in a self-service bookmaker’s terminal outside the betting point. Analysis of the system means that the person wishing to make a bet must undergo a system analysis that will assess whether the game terminal can be used.

Facecheck technology


The FACE-CHECK system offers the possibility of providing entry control not only in gambling facilities, but also in catering outlets. It is placed in facilities with high capacity such as inns or stations on the highways. The system is efficient, reliable and completely non-contact. Using mini cameras, the system scans all visitors when they arrive, creating unique digital face patterns (templates) and processes them in a few seconds.

Because the system is in the prototype phase, it is currently only being placed in Germany and Austria, but with a view to recipients from any country in the world. It was created by the internal cell of the Gauselmann Group and its company MERKUR, which testifies to the large form of innovation used by this corporation. It is expected that this type of technology will be adapted in many locations of casinos and arcades in Europe and in the world. There is also a big future in the use of the FACE-CHECK system in online gambling, where the player identification process can be minimized for system operation every time you log into the network.

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