Fashion Trends: Summer 2021

Summer has come, and we need to gear up. The year has been quiet so far, but there is no shortage of bold and stylish designs. From Paris to Milan, there are fashion trends that you cannot go without. Before it is too late, let us take a look at the fashion trends this season.

Monochrome Magic
Dolce & Gabbana is going back to black and white. Chequerboard patchwork is back on track, and it is best used for office wear this summer. D&G has opted to use old types of fabric from previous collections, but Chanel has something else in mind. Chanel offers crisp designs that remind you of restraint.

On the other hand, brands like Ports 1961 and Gabriela Hearst are bringing back black and white dresses that are not bland. Instead, they added their own touch of elegance in their summer collection.

Oversized Shoulder Pad Jackets
This fashion trend is not new—we first saw this in the 1980s, and it was inspired by blazers that men wore. As such, the version for women looked oversized. Yes, they are back, and the shoulder pads are staying. Because of the pads, the shoulder size is a bit wider than your waist – it makes your legs look longer.

What comes great with this blazer is a pair of straight-leg trousers. You can also use leather shorts if you want, as they can give the vibe of a modern style. Choose your blazer in different colours like charcoal, powder blue and neutrals.

Head Scarfs
The 50s and 60s brought the humble headscarf into the fashion industry. This summer, the trend is back, and they will add flair to your style without looking overdone. Use a headscarf to protect your head. If not, you can use it to add a finishing style to your outfit. There are many materials used for a headscarf, so you have a lot of options. A great option is silk, as it is cool in the head.

There are also many designs that you can choose from. Get several pieces that you can mix and match with your outfit. Get at least one floral design for summer and then get a few simple and neutral colours that you can blend with your wardrobe.

Sorbet Pastel Tones
The summer of 2021 is all about colours. One thing that will make you stand out is sorbet pastel tones. This trend started early this year, and despite speculations that it will go away, the trend seems to get stronger.

This tone is perfect for summer because it is cool in the eye. It also matches a variety of skin tones, so it is a great fashion choice for a vast majority of people. You can get a mint green suit or trench coat. Why not try lavender pants?

Whatever it is that you choose, it is best that you match your top and bottoms. Underneath, wear clothes that are light so as not to overpower the light tones of the sorbet pastel.

Folk Inspired Coats
These are clothes that have beautiful designs. And when we say beautiful, we mean classic art like the ones you see in ancient tribes. These designs are inspired by folklore. They are rich in embroidery and delicate shapes. The closest word that we can use to describe this fashion choice is a tapestry. If you have seen old carpets that have complicated designs, then you know what we are talking about.

You can buy clothing like this as a scarf, an overall, a dress, and even a blouse. The wonderful thing about this fashion trend is that it really never goes out of style. You can even get something that appears to be a coat—this is great if you live in a cold region despite it being summer.

This summer, get a piece made from silk or cotton. This should make you comfortable. You can also buy those that have several layers, but we do not recommend that you wear them on the beach. These clothes that have several layers can prove to be really hot.

Fashion will always have something for us—with or without a pandemic. So, while you are busy playing at Vulkan Vegas online, there are people who are working hard to give you options. The things we listed here came from what we saw on runways and magazines. If the brands are not available in your location, you will surely find an alternative in your area. Whether you want to maintain social distancing or you will spend time on the beach, there is something for you this season.

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