Fonbet included into the Russia’s  ‘strategic’ companies list

Russian government commission reviewed and approved a new list of system-forming organizations that will get financial support in the face of  oil prices collapse and coronavirus pandemics. LLC F.O.N. (BC “Fonbet”) is one of companies included into the list of 646 enterprises that have pledged support for coronavirus.

The list of “strategic” enterprises was first created during 2008 crisis, when dozens of large companies were cut off simultaneously from credit resources due to the financial crisis, and the state had to think about saving them. The list of enterprises in 2008 included more than 300 companies, in 2015 the list was reduced to about 200. Against the backdrop of the crisis in the world economy associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the government decided to update the list.

The decision to include a bookmaker into the list was commented by the official to the Russian BBC service: “Fonbet was on the list because of its weight. They are a fairly large employer with the largest network of betting points in Russia.”

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