Czech – Fortuna shareholders withdrawed shares

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Fortuna Entertainment Group decided on Thursday to withdraw its shares from the Prague Stock Exchange and Warsaw. This is apparent from today’s announcement of Fortuna for the stock exchange. The majority share of Fortune is 80.2 percent owned by Penta Investments.

No further information on the withdrawal of shares from stock exchanges and related affairs has been provided by the firm in its short statement. The company only said that it would provide further information at the appropriate time.

Penta, the majority owner of Fortuna in January, offered its minority shareholders a share buyback on the Czech market for CZK 182.50 per share and a Polish market for 29.80 zlotys, through its subsidiary Fortbet Holdings Limited. Fortuna’s shares on the Prague Stock Exchange have weakened today by 1.10 percent to 180 crowns.

The Fortuna Entertainment Group, which focuses mainly on odds betting, was established in 2009. Originally, a Czech company with 25 years of experience worked in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. In the past year, the group has strengthened its position within the region when it expanded to the Romanian and Croatian markets. At the same time, in the Czech Republic, the first domestic company was licensed to operate gambling on the Internet. It entered the Prague and Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2010.

Source: Ceske Noviny

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