Futura and Futura Eclipse enjoy steadily growing popularity

Futura and Futura Eclipse are the only slot machines in line with the regulations governing the gambling industry in force in Poland and other European countries. Both machines created by specialists from Yumicra Games are an alternative to all gambling devices and logical-mathematical machines. Futura and Futura Eclipse do not contain any element of randomness, including a pseudorandom number generator.

An effective alternative.

Products from Yumicra Games have become an effective response to changes in legal regulations in many countries, including Poland, where the amendment to the Gambling Act
from April 2017 quickly eliminated the entire free gaming market. Futura and Futura Eclipse effectively replace gambling solutions and all non-intuitive for users and containing limited randomness machines that have played episodic roles over the past few months.
Non-cash gaming machines offered by the Czech company in less than a year have become extremely popular among both players and operators; they owe it to high quality housing design and perfect software; refined and original technology that is friendly to all users; advanced support, consisting of several specialized groups responsible for supporting points belonging to the company’s clients.


A unique idea for … legal machines

Yumicra Games as the only company in the world producing non-gambling slot machines designed special software that does not contain element of randomness, i.e. pseudorandom number generator. The game in Futura and Futura Eclipse is based on the player’s well-known fixed combinations resulting from a finite deterministic series; the user plays the already completed game each time, and using the available in the panel “INFO” the formula is able to calculate any stage of the competition (every move, including the first, as well as the accumulation of progressive Jackpot).

The player using the Futura or Futura Eclipse machines has full control over the course of the game; quotations of individual boards, for each game available on the machines, are presented both in a clear table, as well as in the form of convenient screenshots, so the participant not only can check the value and appearance of subsequent combinations, but also evaluate the profitability of continuing the game.

futura eclipse

The pace increases – Future’s fill premises.

Futura and Futura Eclipse enjoy steadily growing popularity among Polish, German
and Czech operators. The number of ordered copies is growing rapidly, and Yumicra Games is intensively working on the implementation of its non-gambling machines for other European markets, currently preparing subsequent language versions adapted to their needs. At the moment, the software used in both devices has extensions with the following languages: Polish, German, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Romanian and Hungarian.

Although the current statistics on Futura and Futura Eclipse machines exceed the predictions of the Czech manufacturer relative to the initial period of sales, the representatives of Yumicra Games unanimously emphasize the unchanged readiness to establish new business relations with other representatives of the entertainment industry. With the right software and transparent, and above all simple rules governing the gameplay, both game machines offered by Yumicra Games comply with the rules applicable even in the most restrictive countries in the world.


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      • If you’ve seen these machines in Germany there was no chance for an option with some different language than the GERMAN.

    • Several shrewd lads give the opportunity to anyone who’s interested in to replacing some shitty stuff, but seriously look at their website or just read about the entire project on the “Internet”. I bet you’ll find the right way to do so.

  1. i found an information that it has some type of extension with over a dozen languages and currencies, but didn’t see any mention about english.

  2. If the software includes the latest and the weirdest technological solutions, and enables players to choose the currency, and has no unnecessary and illegal features, so it must be suitable for any possible direction. That means it must have that freaking extension with the English. Ask directly in the company.

    • easy mate… our suppositions, we only got suppositions, are far away from sureness. but don’t worry, i’ll ask about it and let you know (nah, i will not).

  3. No one was able to make me sure so I asked and I already have an answer. Yes, these slots have an extension with English, and are prepared to implementation any language you want.

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