Gambling business in Ukraine is a source of conflicts between state bodies

Gambling business is still an unsolved issue in Ukraine. According to local mass media, several government institutions cannot come up with the solution of the problem. informs that the State Investigation Office is investigating the case of the illegal gambling business operation organized by another state body, namely National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU).

NABU agents conducted a special operation in Zaporozhye city to uncover the criminal group, which included the heads of law enforcement agencies. According to the plan, the undercover agent opened a slot machine hall in Zaporozhye in 2017, which was actually a bait for corrupted policemen. It is reported that the NABU agent paid 2000UAH bribe for each gambling device monthly.

The information about the operation became public and this incident has led to an aggravation and the conflict between law enforcement agencies. In particular, the Attorney General Yuriy Lutsenko said that all NABU undercover agents worked with violations of the law.

Moreover, Agia Zagrebelskaya, State Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Commettee (AMCU), in an interview for informed that Ukraine’s Ministry of Finance is again planning to submit new license conditions for lottery operators.

“We expect that it should be submitted in the nearest future. If another attempt is made to legalize gambling under the cover of lotteries via the new license conditions, the AMCU and I personally are unlikely to approve this document,” Zagrebelskaya warned.

According to the journalists of project the Ministry of Finance plans to submit license conditions to meet the requirements of a specific company and reminded that, thanks to Agia Zagrebelskaya, the AMCU had already rejected such license conditions from the Ministry of Finance in 2017. The draft license conditions were criticized heavily then for creating a monopoly of the “UNL” company on the lottery market.

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