Gambling business in Ukraine to be legalized by end of 2020

The law on the legalization of gambling in Ukraine has passed the first reading on January 16. However, the second reading is expected to take place only by the end of 2020. This opinion was shared by Danil Getmantsev, Chairman of the Ukraine Parliament Committee on Finance in an interview for local publication Business Censor.

“This is one of the most difficult bills, because there are a lot of lobbying, conflicts, scandals around it. But this year we do expect the legalization of gambling in Ukraine ”,  the MP said.

According to him, the profile committee plans to start considering amendments to the document from the beginning of May, as a whole, the Rada will adopt the law on gambling by the end of the year. More than 3 thousand amendments have been submitted to it.

Andriey Nabukhotnyi

Former editor-in-chief of Ukrainian specialized magazine catalogue Entertainment Industry. Andriey is E-Play's observer of Eastern European gambling market.

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