Gambling market in Belarus shows no growth

According to Alesia Pakhomenko, who is the chairman of one of gmabling operators organizations in Belarus, in recent years, the number of casinos and halls with slot machines has decreased significantly. Four years ago there were 32 casinos in Belarus, today there are 27. The number of betting points this decreased by 133, and the number of slot machine halls decreased by 57. At the same time, experts cannot estimate the size and turnover of the gambling market.

Gambling taxes are constantly growing. During this time, despite the reduction in the number of gambling establishments, amount of taxes paid by operators to the state budget increased by 15 percent. Fixed rates on cash registers of betting shops increased by 202 percent, on slot machines – by 47 percent, and on gaming tables – by 30 percent.

Almost a third of the total number of gambling establishments in the country is located in Minsk: 63 slot machine halls and 16 casinos.

However, according to the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, there are no big changes in the gambling industry market. Another expert, member of the Association for the Development of Gambling Alexey Marchenko notes that the number of casinos in the country in recent years has not changed significantly. Despite the fact that some of them are closing, new locations are constantly appearing in luxury hotels. The Ministry of Taxes and Duties confirmed that 2 more casinos have been opened since last year in Belarus.

Marchenko also added that earlier Russian tourists made up the majority of visitors to Belarusian gambling establishments. Today Russians come to Belarus less often.

Source: Grodno24

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