Gambling may be legalized after parliamentary elections in Ukraine

Business online publication Login Casino contacted representatives of the international holding company Parimatch to find out the opinion of one of the largest players on the global gambling market about the future of the gambling market of Ukraine.

Parimatch has announced that it is ready to become a member of the Ukrainian legal gambling market, if it is legalized.  According to Parimatch experts, words of President Zelensky at the business forum in June 2019 is a sign of political will, which is the most important thing is to start a dialogue on the legalization of the gambling business. The government, political forces, experts, non-governmental Ukrainian and international organizations, where Ukraine is represented, are all ready to share best practices and form the best solution for all.  After the parliamentary elections the law on gambling is likely to be adopted.

A good law on legalization will not only create additional sources of funding the state budget of Ukraine, but will also develop a mechanism to protect players from fraud operators. Legalization should also help the government and business community to cooperate in solving social problems, financing sports, and fighting mixed matches and corruption in sports.

It is difficult to estimate the volume of the Ukrainian market. However, according to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, legalized industry can attract up to 5 billion hryvnia in funds for the country’s budget.

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