Head of Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling taken for questioning

According to Bulgarian National Television, officials of the Special Prosecutor’s Office and Ministry of Interior on January 29 took the head of the State Commission on Gambling, the head of control of the State Commission on Gambling and more than 10 officials of the commission for questioning.

This is the second operation in the commission on gambling after a week ago prosecutors entered the commission and seized documents regarding how state lottery fees were calculated.

There is no detail yet as to what is the reason for today’s operation. The prosecutor’s office called for support from the Interior Ministry to block access to the Commission’s building.

The head of control at the State Commission on Gambling said he was not worried and would assist the prosecution.

The gambling sector has been in the spotlight since mid-January when MPs from the minority partner in the ruling coalition, United Patriots, tabled proposals for amendments to the gambling legislation aimed at banning private lotteries.

On January 29, the Parliament adopted at first reading amendments to the Gambling Act. The changes envisage a state monopoly on lottery games. The businessman Vassil Bozhkov, whose Nove Holding owns Lottery Bulgaria and National Lottery, today has been circulated as wanted and 7 allegations have been brought against him, Bulgaria’s Chief Prosecutor said. Bozhkov is claimed to have left the country. Seven allegations have been brought against him.

Earlier, Bozhkov told BNT reporter that no one was looking for him and that he was available to the institutions.

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