Horse breeding in Poland will be financed by races

Horse breeding in Poland can be financed from the sale of horse-riding bets – said Deputy Minister of Agriculture Szymon Giżyński presenting information on the strategy of horse breeding in Poland at the Sejm Agriculture Committee.

“There is an idea to look for money through statutory changes, so that bets that apply to horse races, which are held in 30 places in the country, would be taken in 15 thousand Totalizator Sportowy betting shops along with 5% additional payment, which will be allocated for the development of horse breeding in Poland in very broad contexts”

– said the deputy minister.

It is a very important financial construct, that could implement even very bold plans – Giżyński assured. He also pointed out that the strategy developed by the Council for horse breeding (set up by former minister Krzysztof Jurgiel) is taken into account, but, as he noted, it is an auxiliary document for breeders, and not a government’s implementation stand.

Anna Stojanowska, the company supervising officer on behalf of the Agricultural Property Agency, who was released in the time of Krzysztof Jurgiel’s office, also took the floor. She argued that the world would manage without Polish breeding, while Poland wouldn’t.

Stojanowska added that she and the former presidents were interrogated by all services and no charges were brought against them.

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