Illegal casino raided in Moscow

According to TASS, police officers stopped the activity of another illegal gambling establishment this week. During the inspection 45 slot machines were seized, as well as documentation of interest for the investigation.

70 illegal casinos, gambling halls and betting shops were closed in Moscow in 2018. As a result of 205 inspections, Moscow police has closed 14 illegal casinos, 20 slot machines halls, and 36 betting shops in 2018.

It also worth noting that the total number of betting shops in Moscow decreased by 59 in 2018. According to Moscow Regional Security Department, some bookmakers who used the license of the Federal Tax Service and offered illegal type of games in Russia started to leave Moscow.

Despite the decrease of betting shops by 13%, the total amount of taxes paid by gambling business in Moscow last year amounted to about 322 million rubles.

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