Illegal online gambling websites to be blocked by 2021 in Belarus

Belarus plans to restrict access to illegal online casinos in 2021. This information was reported by Marina Nevinskaya, the head of the department of gambling business of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties in her commentary on the innovations of Decree No. 305 “On improving the legal regulation of gambling business.”

Ms. Nevinskaya said that online operators will have time to rebuild their business in accordance with existing requirements. Operators, which will receive licenses before April 1, 2019, will be able to use them until April 1, 2021. The specified dates are a transitional period for the gambling companies.

According to the new rules, operators must be connected to a special computer cash register system (CCCS) by August 1, 2019. Thus, the tax authorities and the Monitoring Center will be able to access all online casinos. Beginning from April 1, 2021 all illegal online casinos will be blocked. Moreover, websites containing information about illegal gambling will be blocked as well.

Bookmakers operating online will be obliged to obtain a special online license as well. It is worth mentioning that bookmakers needed only one general license previously. Licenses issued before April 1, 2019, are valid until April 1, 2021. So bookmakers will have time to adapt to new rules as well.


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