It’s hard for legal bookmakers to compete with the grey area

Valve’s decision to block Steam accounts belonging to the OPSkins service, which introduced the ExpressTrade function, thereby breaking the rules introduced by the creators of CS: GO still remains a hot topic.

Gabe Newell and the company’s decision aroused a number of discussions in social media, and in Anders Blume’s opinion, one of the most popular commentators in the world, also shared the subject of placing bets on matches with skins for weapons.

Through his Twitter account, Blume spoke about weapon skins, match betting and gambling.

I think gambling, whether it’s for skins or money, is stupid. When it is addressed to children, it is immoral – stressed a well-known commentator.

I believe that betting on esport is and will be an important part of the revenue stream in the future, which will help to maintain esport, unfortunately, the mere betting on skins does not help to achieve this general goal – Blume pointed out. – The reason for this is the fact that for legal bookmakers, which are bound by laws and regulations, it’s very difficult to compete with companies that live in a huge gray area, which is more or less unregulated – he explained.

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