Latest update for the most visited betting websites in Russia

Betting Business Russia has published October statistics of visits of betting websites. The ranking includes online betting domains with the highest traffic operating on the territory of Russia.

According to the report, 16 betting companies accepted online bets in Russia in October. In order to find out which of them were the most popular among Russian Internet users, journalists from Betting Business Russia analyzed the statistics of visits using the SimilarWeb resource.

SimilarWeb is an online service that allows you to analyze Internet traffic by regions and topics, identify the leaders of the industires, as well as channels they use for promotion.

The October ranking is headed by and is based on total visits from all traffic sources.

Domain  Visits, millions 9,70 8,39 3,63 3,34 2,75 1,35 1,21 1,18 1,11 0,90 0,80 0,33 0,27 0,24 0,17 0,16


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