Latvia – Mare Balticum Gaming Summit announces Sissel Weitzhandler as speaker

The organizers of Mare Balticum Gaming Summit (Baltic Sea Gaming Summit) are honored to announce that Sissel Weitzhandler (Legal and Compliance Manager of the Play’n GO Group) will join the inaugural event as a speaker in the panel dedicated to the Scandinavian region.

About Sissel Weitzhandler

Legal and Compliance Manager of the Play’n GO Group, Sissel Weitzhandler, has since 2011 been in the gambling industry. She is a compliance specialist, managing multiple groups of companies that have successfully secured and maintained gaming licences in multiple European and non-European jurisdictions. Sissel has vast experience managing technical, legal and regulatory compliance teams and an in depth understanding in operator and supplier opportunities and challenges. She is dedicated to growing businesses by accessing new and emerging markets, while promoting a culture of compliance across organisations with a focus on the remote gaming industry. Passionate about international law, business and relations, and holds a post grad in War Studies from Kings College London and an undergraduate in International Relations from London’s University of Westminster. Sissel has been in various forums and specialist groups including EU Commission round-table workshops.

Updates about Sweden and Denmark

Sweden and Denmark are currently among the hot topics of the industry and will be highlighted accordingly at the event.

Denmark has had a legal online gambling industry since January 1, 2012. Since then, the country’s online gambling market has grown a lot. In the first three quarters of 2017, around 4.357 billion Danish krone was generated and around 1.329 billion of this revenue came from the online casino industry. Those numbers were very encouraging for Denmark’s online gambling industry as Denmark is the only Scandinavian country to open up its market to international operators.

Denmark has continued to crackdown on its illegal gambling industry which eats into the profits of the regulated market and also puts its players at risk. The gaming regulator has put together a new legal framework for its gambling market and is awaiting approval from the European Commission. Once they get approval, they will roll out the new regulations which will come into effect from Jan 2019.

The Swedish government has moved closer to establishing new igaming regulations as well and it completed the submission of secondary legislation to the European Commission (EC).

According to Nordic Gambling, the legislation features rules that cover the whole spectrum of igaming, such as licensing, international cooperation, responsible gambling, supervision and fees.

The legislation also includes confirmation that although the regulations will not come into force until January 1, 2019, the licensing process will open on August 1 this year, one month later than the initial date of July 1.

Make sure you register in order to get a chance to network with the representatives of Cubits, Triogames, Losimu strategine grupe – UAB, Tatkazino, Scout Gaming, Play’n GO, Danish Gambling Authority, Danish Online Gambling Association, Swedish Trade Association for Online Gambling Penta Investment and many more. The event has limited seating without the opportunity of adding more registrations, so make sure you reserve you place at this unique event. Register here!

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