Latvian receipt lottery gets second-round approval and higher prizes

Latvian parliament has approved the bill on the receipt lottery in the second reading. Moreover, new version of the bill introduces increased prizes and an annual “supergame”.

The first version of the bill provided for weekly and monthly receipt lotteries. During the weekly lottery, it was planned to draw 10 cash prizes 200 euros each, while during the monthly lottery there would be one cash prize worth 3,000 euros.

According to the new version of the draft law approved by the Latvian parliament this week, there will be one cash prize worth 10 thousand euros, three prizes worth 5,000 euros and 50 prizes of 100 euros.

The new version of the bill also introduces an annual draw with the cash prize of 20 thousand euros, four prizes of 10 thousand euros and five prizes of 2000 euros.

It is planned that the first receipt lottery will be held no later than in July 2019. It is assumed that tax revenues due to the lottery will increase by 3 million euros per year.



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