Lithuania to make gambling ad warnings mandatory

Lithuania’s parliament has passed a bill that will require all gambling advertisements to include a warning about gambling-related harm from 1 July. Lithuania’s gambling regulator, the Lošimų Priežiūros Tarnyba (Gambling Authority), shall determine the content that must be displayed in the warning.

It is reported that the bill will be applyed wisely. That is, they would not apply, for example, to gambling branding on basketball players’ uniforms. Moreover, it is expected that the worning  slogan chosen would be changed periodically, in order to stop viewers of advertisements from becoming too used to any one slogan and it losing its effect.

“Gambling is not an evil in itself, but as the sector develops, it is important to be able to control the risks involved and minimise the negative consequences,” Mykolas Majauskas, the bill’s proposer, said.

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