LVBet did not get a license for a new gambling hall in Latvia

Latgale municipalities don’t want to expand the network of gambling halls on its territory. After a poll in Livani city, the regional deputies refused to issue a license to LVBet. Another Latvian city Rezekne decided to free the city from gambling halls, reports Latvian Radio 4. Latgale is one of the four historical and cultural regions of Latvia recognised in the Constitution of the Latvian Republic.

There are two gambling halls in Livani and residents say this is too much. LVBet applied twice for the opening of a new hall in Livani. The first time local authorities refused because of the place that did not comply with the rules. Later LVBet applied again with a new address. This time, the Duma conducted a survey of residents. More than 1,200 people took part in a poll and 96% were against the opening of the new gambling hall. Thus, the regional Duma refused to issue a license again.

Moreover, another Latvian city Rezekne has set a goal to close all gambling hall in the coming years. The decision was made earlier this summer. At the moment, the local government is looking for legal mechanisms to resolve the issue. Chairman of the City Council Rezekne Alexander Bartasheich explains how this can be done.

“At the moment Rezekne has about ten gambling halls. In the plans for the development of the city we want to write that Rezekne sets a goal to free the city gambling. We say that in five years the gambling halls should close in this place. The entrepreneurs have the opportunity to do it harmlessly for the business, without any special losses. After making this decision, the halls will be closed in time, maybe even earlier. ”

According to the state inspectorate for the supervision of gambling and lotteries, there were 8,649 registered slot machines in Latvia as for September 2018, which is one hundred units more than in the end of 2017. Revenues of gambling operators for the first 9 months of 2018 amounted to over 196 million euros.


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