Lviv’s Mayor fights against illegal gambling

Lviv city Mayor Andriy Sadovy has addressed a letter to local tenants who rent our real estate to illegal gambling establishments and called on to terminate lease agreements. The mayor has also noted that despite the complete ban on gambling in Ukraine, such institutions as “national lottery”, “state lottery” are actually gambling halls which pretend to be lottery operator. In total, such emails were sent to 69 recipients.

“Today, even despite the total ban of gambling business, such institutions as” national lottery “,” state lottery ” hide their gambling activities behind lotteries. The gambling business is extremely dangerous for a society, for children, for youth and practically for all people. This is actually a mental illness – the gambling addiction,” the mayor writes in his letter.

It is worth noting that local journalists reported about 200 gambling establishments in Lviv operating as lotteries this summer. Kosmolot, Sports Lotto, Favorite, all these are different brands working under the license of the Ukrainian National Lottery.

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