March Was A Record-Breaking Month for Twitch Poker Streamers

Streamers in the poker directory on Twitch clocked up for almost 100,000 streaming hours in March.

As well as regular video-games, slots and casino players have gravitated towards the streaming platform in a big-way, and the site has a directory listing for slots and poker just like it has for games like Call of Duty.

Twitch started out as a streaming platform for video gamers in 2006, but has been widely adopted by the masses for streaming of non-gaming content – with chat, and music channels popular. The site has a directory for almost everything you can imagine – and this includes casino games, and online poker.

Poker streamers are bringing the game of poker to masses of players and poker fans worldwide.

Poker fans enjoyed watching over 7,000,000 hours of poker in March 2021.

Source: BeastsOfPoker Twitch Report

March 2021 Twitch Poker Streaming Key Statistics

  • Hours of poker watched on Twitch : 7,011,830  (+16.8%)
  • Hours Hours of poker broadcast 96,550 (-10.8%)
  • Average Monthly viewers 9,437 (+ 5.5%)
  • Average Poker channels:  129 (-19.9% )
  • Viewer ratio 72.6 (+30.9%)
  • Max viewers 86,549 (+4.8%)
  • Poker Broadcasters 5,429 (+5.8% on February with 299 new streamers)
  • Lowest # of channels : 40 (Monday 15th March)
  • Peak Channels: 393 (Sunday 21st March)
  • Peak Twitch Poker Viewers in March: 84,347


English, Russian, French, Portugese, Spanish, German and Italian were the most popular languages streamed during March, with English language used in ~ 45% of all streams.

Top Poker Streamers March 2021

The top streamers in March are all partnered with except Winamax Poker. The  Runitup channel gained the most followers (2902) in poker on Twitch during the month while streaming poker.

Why Do Poker-players Love Twitch?

“By following Twitch streams, you can get insight from top players’ thinking processes. For this, you’d have to pay hundreds of dollars on poker training sites. Entirely free on Twitch – crazy but true!” -‘Arvain’, Beasts of Poker -Pro

It’s trivial to get started as a streamer on Twitch with free software like OBS Studio – so it’s easy for gamers and streamers to share their content with viewers worldwide.

Poker fans and poker players alike enjoy poker streams – for entertainment and learning too.

  • Learn from poker professionals with millions of dollars in lifetime tracked poker-earnings, like team pro’s from 888 Poker and PartyPoker.
  • Information that can increase your edge – and profits at poker
  • Twitch poker is free, and always available
  • Viewers can sometimes enjoy added value private / exclusive community games and promotions with popular streamers, with occasional poker freerolls.
  • Some streamers run Q&A sessions for their followers – enabling real time expert feedback for those looking to learn from “the greats” of the game.

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