Markus Buechele becomes new CEO of NOVOMATIC Italia

After 3 years, Olga Rodrigo is leaving the country and going back to her exclusive role as CFO of NOVOMATIC Spain. Chairman Franco Sergio Rota and COO Karl Plank are confirmed as Board of Directors.

A Board of Directors characterized by continuity is the result of the departure of Olga Rodrigo, who served as Chief Executive Officer of NOVOMATIC Italia for two years. She now hands over the position to her colleague Markus Buechele, who has been with NOVOMATIC for 14 years and as part of the Board of the Italian Group since 2008.

The Board of Directors continues to include key figures such as Chairman Franco Sergio Rota, who promoted the Group’s entry into the Italian market in 2007, and Karl Plank, who has been the Chief Operating Officer of NOVOMATIC Italia for the past two years, managing all activities of Operations, after leading the subsidiary Allstar for over ten years. Bartholomaeus Czapkiewicz, in his position as NOVOMATIG AG Head of R&D systems, will continue to oversee the technical development of systems and technological advancements of the Italian Group.

“NOVOMATIC Italia would like to thank Olga Rodrigo for her great professional support and the wonderful energy she transmitted to all colleagues, who, with great pride, wish her all the best for her future in Spain, knowing that NOVOMATIC remains a common family and that the
values of cooperation and teamwork transmitted over the years will always remain a light for
the future of the company,”  – stated the company.

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