Michael Boettcher: I want Ukraine to become a real gambling resort

Official openning party of the first international casino in Ukraine Shangri La was held at the Fairmont Grand Hotel in Kyiv. Shangri la belongs to Storm International and is the biggest international land based casino in Ukraine so far. The casino accomodates twenty table games, including American Roulette, Blackjack, four different poker games and Baccarat, Texas Hold’em tables and 80 state of the art slot machines, such as EGT, IGT, Novamatic and Scientific games.

The opening event was attended by the founder of the casino Michael Boettcher, who spoke about the existing problems of legalization of the gambling business.

“I will be very surprised if at least 10 new casinos appear in Ukraine next year. The market is still very small. Authorities say they will solve all the problems. If they do, there is a chance. I want Ukraine to become a real gambling resort. It is difficult to say whether this will happen. But it is possible, ”says the founder of Storm International.

According to him, there is no other place in Europe that has the same potential for development as Ukraine. Mainly the geographical potential, Boettcher clarifies: “As soon as you say ‘Ukraine’, everyone wants to come.”

“I see some improvement in the fight against underground casinos. But they can open the day after they are closed. You have corruption in your country. It seems that this corruption is especially evident at the police level. This is ridiculous because we pay millions in taxes and royalties. For this money, can you please ask to close illegal casinos? Is that too much? ”Boettcher says.

One of the key problems Boettcher points out is the unresolved situation with the taxation of the gambling business: the old fiscal system does not provide for gambling taxes. Therefore, the business is still in a suspended state.

“I just want to ask the authorities to let me earn more from my own business. I made all the investments, all the work, took all the risks, but I get the least money. This is wrong and it will not motivate me to invest more, ”continues Michael Boettcher.

It worth noting that Michael Boettcher has also shared some info about Storm Internaional network in the CIS previously and share his thought about Russian gambling zones and gambling business in Belarus.


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