Moldova wants to ban advertising of betting companies

Moldovan MP Dmitry Alaba from the pro-European forces  has submitted the bill which cna ban advertising of betting companies in Moldova.

According to the MP and those who support this initiative, advertising of gambling is too agressive. However, this opinion also has opponents, because even according to rough estimates, the Moldovan budget will lose more than 500 million lei in profits due to the ban. This is huge money for such a small country.

It is worth noting, that in Moldova the state is an absolute monopolist in the gambling market. Alaba may not have taken this into account. The deputy believes that the ban on advertising will create conditions for the legal development of gambling.

Experts of the market are convinced that the implementation of such initiatives, on the contrary, will lead to the decline of gambling business in Moldova. Local operators simply will not be able to win the competition without advertising.

Moreover, the ban could hurt the independent media, as they exist through advertising. Including gambling companies. The situation is similar with various social programs and sports. In most European countries, bookmakers invest huge amounts of money in sports clubs. Moldova is no exception.

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