More than 11k gambling sites blocked in Russia in April

Russian telecom watchdog Roskomnadzor blocked 11,830 gambling sites in April. The calculation was made by Betting Business Russia based on the registry on the Rublacklist website.

Among the blocked sites, there were 1371 mirrors of the Fonbet brand.  696 blocked websites were related to Parimatch, 592 to 1xBet, 456 to Zenitbet, 374 to Marathonbet, 315 to B Leonbets, 126 to Winline, 77 to Liga Stavok, 67 to Olimp, 59 to Betcity, 19 to Baltbet.

Alongside with the bookmakers, Roskomnadzor has also blocked 7589 domains of online casinos, online lotteries and poker rooms. 47 websites were blocked for gambling content about bookmakers, casinos and slot machines.

It is also worth noting that Roskomnadzor blocked 11252 gambling sites in March. About 233 thousand websites and were blacklisted by the telecom watchdog in 2018.

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