National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) used a casino in its operation

The National Anti-Corruption Bureau led an investigation to uncover a network of illegal casinos in Ukraine. However, the operation failed due to uncovered secret documents and disclosed agents after First Deputy Head of The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) Pavlo Demchyna accused NABU of provocation earlier in September. Demchyna informed that NABU created a casino to provoke some officials.

NABU’s director Artem Sytnik during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on the prevention and fight against corruption this week has explained this information.  He also added that NABU wanted to prove that there is illegal casino industry and that such illegal activity is impossible without the protection of corrupted top officials.

“One of the operations was aimed at proving that SBU workers are involved into protection of this illegal business. But Mr. Demchyna divulged state secrets, partially publishing the documents. Demchyna made, frankly, a lot of statements lately. After the failure of our operations, after our agents were disclosed, some of the documents containing state secrets were published on the Internet. The disclosure of state secrets is not our jurisdiction, we wrote statements, but the SBU did not respond to this,” said Sytnik.

Ukrainian mass media report that there is a confrontation between NABU and SBU, which are actually two key anti-corruption bodies in Ukraine.


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