New Jersey license ‘just the beginning’ for Leadstar Media

Leading i-Gaming affiliate company, Leadstar Media, is to begin operating in the state of New Jersey after acquiring Vendor ID from The Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Founder CEO, Eskil Kvarnström says  – ‘This is just the beginning of our US expansion’.

The Stockholm based company has a portfolio of sports betting and online casino comparison sites in sixteen markets worldwide including the UK, Germany and Brazil. Now, Leadstar is set to officially enter the largest regulated market for online gambling in the US with its two products:

  • bettingscanner.com – reviews and compares legal sportsbooks for sports bettors.
  • unitedgamblers.com – provides legal online gambling options across both verticals, online casino and sports betting.

Since the Supreme Court granted every American state the legal power to introduce regulated sports betting, New Jersey has become the premier destination for US and European sportsbooks.

New Jersey, a state renowned for its love of sports and gambling, was the first to launch an open, regulated online market for sports betting and casino. Over 80% of bets in the state are made online. For iGaming affiliates looking to establish themselves in the US, New Jersey is, understandably, the place to be.

Founder CEO of Leadstar, Eskil Kvarnström, spoke of his delight in fulfilling a long-term aim of the company:

“Our ultimate goal is to be one of the main iGaming affiliates in the US. We are therefore thrilled that we have received our first state license, the first of many we expect”.

Eskil Kvarnstrom

For Leadstar, New Jersey marks only the beginning of its blueprint for the US. License applications have also been sent for Pennsylvania and Indiana – two further states that have rolled out regulated online markets. Further down the line, it’s inevitable the company aims to secure a license for a fourth online market in West Virginia as it proceeds to make its presence felt in the US.

Of the four states with statewide mobile sports wagering in place, New Jersey, is the most appealing, for bettors and operators alike.

The legal framework allows bettors to perform all gambling-related activities via a mobile device anywhere within state lines. It’s an approach in stark contrast to Nevada, Rhode Island and Iowa, for example, where mandatory in-person registration continues to restrict market growth. Licensed operators, meanwhile, are able to offer up to three sports betting websites.

At the time of writing, the seventeen online betting options available guarantees a robust and highly competitive market which continues to grow and surpass expectation. New Jersey is also one of only three states offering a regulated market for online casinos.

For Leadstar Media, gaining a firm foothold in the US presents the opportunity to build on relationships with existing partners, as well as link-up with new operators. According to Kvarnström, it’s yet another significant step in the company’s sustained development:

“As a team, we’re highly ambitious and always looking forward to the next project and the next market. We truly believe in our products and what we are doing as a company and we want as many sports bettors and casino players to benefit from our work”.

As with the numerous brands under Leadstar’s expanding umbrella, United Gamblers is built to serve the needs of online gamblers in every which way.

The state tracker map, for example, greets visitors and shows the legal status of all 50 US states and D.C. Regardless of location, players have access to a clear overview of the gambling landscape in the US. In the evolving world of US sports betting, where, as many as three states can launch in a week, it’s essential users are able to inform themselves of legal developments efficiently.

Comparing legal and licensed sportsbooks and casino sites remains the objective of course. In a maturing market where many brands are still unknown in the eyes of Americans, bridging the gap between operator and player is key. As a one-stop-shop for online sports bettors and casino players, United Gamblers caters to its audience by placing great emphasis on writing concise reviews, useful gambling guides and up-to-date news concerning each state.

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