New poker champion of Ukraine announced

International poker series PokerMatch UA Millions Stadium has ended in Kharkiv, Ukraine last week. The event took place on February 1-10 and consisted of 11 major tourmnaments. On Saturday, a new champion of Ukraine in sports poker was announced. The title belongs now to a poker player form Kharkiv Denis Krygin.

Almost 1,000 poker players took part in the national championship, including qualifying games. 31 players managed to win the prizes of 11 tournaments.

The main event called Metalist SuperBowl High Roller tournament was lucky for four players. Popular PokerMatch streamer Andrei “BabyShark14” Kozlenko has won the fourth place. The other three players Oleg Khursenko, Suren Sayyan and Vitaly Belyaev divided the prize equally and received 290 000 UAH each (9 400 EUR).

It is also worth noting that 11 trophies were won during 10 days of PokerMatch UA Millions Stadium. One of the tournaments was won by Andy Hills from UK  who was the best at the Deuces Wild tournament.

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