Nurmagomedov – McGregor. Russian bookmakers set records and suffer losses

Representatives of the leading Russian betting companies shared the results of Nurmagomedov – McGregor fight with the Rating of the Bookmakers website. There were some new records set, but most of the Russian bookmakers suffered losses.

All bookmakers noted that players preferred to bet on the win of the Russian fighter. According to Maxim Afanasyev, Deputy Director General for Trading of Liga Stavok, Habib’s victory accounted for 79.36% of all bets, and McGregor’s win accounted for 20.64%. Other companies have similar numbers. The fight can really be called the main fight of the year: the interest of the players was very high.

“This fight became the most popular among other events of MMA, in terms of betting rates, the fight is comparable to the football match of the 2018 Russia-Egypt World Cup,” Maxim Afanasyev said.

A record winning  was received by a client of the Fonbet betting company. A player from Moscow made several bets totaling 25 million rubles. He bet on Nurmagomedov’s win with odds of 1.5. Thus, he received 37.5 million rubles. It is reported as the biggest winning among all Russian bookmakers.

The great popularity of the fight turned into losses for the bookmakers, because most of the bets were successful for players. Thus, according to Maxim Afanasyev, the amount of payouts exceeded the amount of bets by 28% for Liga Stavok betting company.


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