OEG Casino Group Revenue Is On The Rise

Olympic Entertainment Group, the Estonia based casino operator has reported that they had a huge increase in revenue over Q3 2017 in gambling business.

The consolidated total revenue of the group before taxes for the first 9 months of this year is €158.6 m which is 3.8% higher than the previous year.

The total gaming revenue for the year 2017 before tax accounted for 89.7% of this while other revenues accounted for 10.3% of the consolidated sales revenue of the group.

But, the consolidated EBITDA for this period of 2017 for OEG was just €33.9 m which is a decline of 23.4% from the previous year. The consolidated operating profit has also fallen by €3.2 and is now reach at €24.5 m.

For the Estonian base of the company, the total revenue before tax was at €41.5 m with an EBITDA of €7.7 m and operating profit of €5 million.

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