Online casinos in Poland and the gambling act

Despite the current Gambling Act and numerous restrictions on the operation of online casinos in Poland, millions of Poles still visit their favorite online casinos and play casino games for real money.

Gambling Act

It is estimated that 24,000 Poles annually play games allegedly illegally offered by online casinos. When it comes to the profits that the casino brings, Poland can boast of large winnings – according to data, as many as three-quarters of the users playing in the Internet located in Poland could win a total of as much as PLN 27 million. The value of the online casino market in Poland is estimated in millions, however, Poland does not record any profits in tax revenues. The gambling act was somehow the result of the scandal with the Minister of Sport in the lead role. Consequently, then-Prime Minister Donald Tusk did everything to outlaw online gambling.

The Ministry of Finance is trying to prosecute dishonest operators who, despite the lack of licenses, allow Poles to use their services and try to apply sanctions to the players themselves. From July 1, 2017, a register of illegal domains of gambling operators that must be blocked on the territory of Poland by Internet providers (blocking the IP address) and payment operators (banks, e-wallets) is in force. Operators who want to operate on the Polish market must apply to the Ministry of Finance for a license, commit to comply with Polish law and pay taxes of 12% of turnover (not to be confused with income!).

Marketing activities

The Gambling Act of 2019 defines allowed and forbidden marketing activities that a given bookmaker can carry out. It is forbidden to advertise casinos without a license of the Ministry. Additionally, it is not allowed to target ads to minors, build a picture of casinos as a way to relax, calm down, combine the player’s image with physical attractiveness, success at work and personal life. Gambling cannot be presented as a way to solve personal and financial problems.

The bookmaker can advertise at the stationary point and the building where the casino is located. He can easily use ads on his own website and sponsor sports events and teams. Advertising on the radio and television is allowed between 22:00 and 6:00, provided that information about your license and the risk of compulsive gambling is placed.

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