Expert: “Russians prefer to gamble online”

Online casinos in Russia are becoming increasingly popular, despite the ban. This was announced by Jet Velvet’s CEO Peter Barinov at the Russian Gaming Week forum.

According to the expert, the number of customers of online gambling websites is significantly higher than the number of visitors of land-based gambling establishments.

The expert noted that land-based casinos face difficulties in keeping pace with new technologies, which are often used by online sites. According to Barinov, there are a number of reasons for this. In particular, the main problem is the lack of gambling establishments in the country in sufficient quantities. Nevertheless, as the expert explains, there is a demand for gambling, and people often prefer the shadow market because of its availability. He also pointed out that illegal gambling makes about $1 billion in revenue. About 2 thousand illegal gambling establishments operate throughout the country.

The specialist cited the following statistics: about 9 million Russians play at online casinos, while about 1.3 million people attend land-based casinos. In addition, according to him, the audience of traditional gambling establishments is gradually getting older.

Barinov also shared the results of the analysis of search engine search terms and topics. So, 55% of gambling search terms are related to online casinos, 40% of people search for slot machines, while only 5% of the total number of keywords are related to land-based gambling establishments.

However, the expert identified several key trends of the gambling industry, which, in his opinion, will soon become popular. He believes that these are skill-based-games and the development of e-sports in the casino.


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