Parimatch announced the company’s total share in the betting market of Ukraine

Parimatch partner Maksym Lyashko, who implements the holding’s corporate strategy, shared some infor about the situation in the Ukrainian betting market in an interview with NV Business.

– How much money is there in Ukrainian betting market?

– Hard question. First, it should be understood that any large amounts have not been named for the GGR market in betting (and in principle in the gaming industry), to date there have been no reliable ways to verify these figures. The volume of the market includes several components: foreign sites (this data can be obtained by some indirect method); underground gambling institutions in Ukraine; games carried out in gambling establishments under lottery licenses; and, finally, a considerable part, which was carried out in cash (private betting). This is what the GGR in Ukraine consists of.

After legalization, in my subjective opinion, more than 50% of the market will operate under new licenses in Ukraine. This is a fairly large amount. The state can receive in the first year or two as revenues from a fixed license fee the sums of about 4-5 billion hryvnias, which. We will add to it the income tax, indirect taxes which will be paid by the operator (the same salary fund) and we will be close to the announced sum – 4-5 billion it is quite real to receive to the state.

– Your share in the betting market in Ukraine is also 30%?

– If we talk about the betting market in general (taking into account both Ukrainian and international companies), I think the proportions are preserved. Due to the pandemic for 3 months of this year, there was no sport events. Accordingly, the growth zones for betting companies were extremely limited – there was no potential opportunity to win back one or another market share. In Ukraine, more than 50% of the market belongs to local betting companies and the percentage of market share of each player is preserved.

– Gambling is a new direction for Ukraine. What market share do you expect?

– We want to be number one. In the market, which will operate under local licenses, we plan to get more than 50%. I am sure that brand recognition will help us here. Subjectively, we are the No. 1 brand in betting on the territory of Ukraine.



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