Parimatch CEO told how much bookmakers earn in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the turnover of the betting business is more than $1 billion per month. The information was shared by the CEO of Parimatch Sergey Portnov in an interview with the Youtube channel “Point G // how they earn in IT”.

“The turnover of the betting business in Ukraine is more than a billion dollars a month. This is what people place as bets themselves,” Portnov said

At the same time, according to him, Parimatch’s share in the Ukrainian market is about 30%.

Sergey Portnov called marketing one of the main expense items. “The share of marketing reaches 30%. There are still expenses on payment systems and commissions. We still pay for withdrawals. This entire payment cycle can go up to 15-20%. IT and servers are 6-7%. Monthly support costs up to $ 100,000. Salary fund – 20%. Everything else is the company’s profit,” he said.

Portnov also noted that the company is profitable. “Over the past seven years, when I was in the company, there has not been a single non-profitable year. Every year we grow by 50%. And this is despite the fact that we work with local currencies which depreciate. If there is no depreciation, we would be in space,” Portnov added.

According to him, the average amount of a bet a player places in all regions where Parimatch works is $ 6.5.

“Russia has the highest average bet, they put on average $ 8-9. In Ukraine, $ 5-6. In Belarus, $ 7-8. In Ukraine, there are simply more people who put smaller ammounts. But, apparently, yes, Belarusians are 10 percent richer,” Portnov said.

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