Parimatch launches first legal online casino in Belarus

According to Kommersant website, the first legal online casino is launched in Belarus by bookmaker Parimatch,. The audience of  online betting has grown around the world by 25% since the start of the coronavirus epidemic. Online casinos are banned in Russia, and legal in Belarus since August 2018.

Parimatch received a license in February 2020 and has already invested $ 1 million in the launch. The same amount is stored on a special account at the request of the license. The online casino uses Parimatch brand and operates at

Over time, they plan to adapt the Belarusian version of online casinos for Russians as well. In particular, add payment methods convenient for Russian citizens.

The number of Yandex (Russian search engine) impressions at the request of “online casino” in March amounted to 978,000, the highest for the year, which is 83% more than last March.


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