Parimatch ranked the most gambling cities in Russia and Ukraine

The bookmaker Parimatch has ranked the regions of Ukraine and the Russian Federation with the largest number of gamblers. The company conducted a study to determine which cities have the most betting fans, who most often make bets on sports.

The majority of Russians who like sports betting live in Moscow. The second place is occupied by St. Petersburg.  The Krasnodar Territory follows the cities. The Sverdlovsk region is closing the TOP5 of Russian gambling regions.


The most gambling city in Ukraine is Kyiv. Yet the capital is the most populated city in Ukraine with higher incomes. The second place is taken by Kharkov, and Lviv is on the third place.

Dnepr and Odessa are the fourth and the fifth respectively. In these cities, there is approximately the same number of gamblers. Here, number of bets on sports is almost equal.

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