Parimatch Tech is launching IT Academy

Already in November, Parimatch Tech Academy will open its doors, it’s a free IT academy for talented people who want to start a career as a developer. This is an opportunity not only to study technologies and try your hand at a real project but also a chance to get a job at Parimatch Tech.

Parimatch Tech Academy is a systematic educational project for talented junior IT specialists. Courses cover both theoretical and practical areas, inspire with challenges and give a chance to join one of the most successful product companies in the world.

The specialists of the company will act as teachers and mentors of the course.
Our partners, experts from the Israeli center for innovative IT education DAN.IT will review the programs, as well as methods and tools of the training process.

The learning process is focused on the development of innovative gaming solutions and will expose students to essential skill-sets, such as creativity and collaboration, to aid them in success.


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