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It’s no secret that Party Poker is still one of the largest online poker rooms in the world, even though they stopped accepting players from United States back in 2006. They may not have as many players as other large online poker rooms but they do have an established brand and almost every online poker player is familiar with Party Poker before even visiting their website.

 Like any great online poker room, Party Poker is packed with promotions, poker tournaments and satellites taking you to some of the largest poker events in the world. One of the most important special events offered by Party Poker is the PartyPoker Million, a monthly tournament.

Thanks to a good amount of player traffic and a wide game variety, you will easily find a table that will fit your needs, especially if you are looking for soft Texas Hold’em action. The competition at the tables is right now on the soft side. If you are going to play poker at the lower limits of Texas Hold’em and Omaha, you will get the chance to find plenty of juicy tables since the competition in some cases is ridiculously soft. This even includes some of their online poker tournaments.

No matter if you are planning to play poker just for fun, or you are looking to make a profit out of your play, Party Poker is definitely a place worth trying out.


The poker client offered by Party Poker is one of the leaders in the industry. The moment you visit their website, you will have the opportunity to select a downloadable version for PC, Mac and Linux. This online poker software is considered to be one of the best choices for all the major computer platforms.

The graphics of Party Poker recently had a major update and right now they are easy to understand and offer an excellent functionality. The software is usually ultra fast and in this way, the online poker software of Party Poker offer good playability.

The major update on the Party Poker software in September 2008 introduced many new features. This includes a live action preview, an enhanced multi table play feature, better graphics and a quick seat feature.

Overall Party Poker software is very functional, fast, reliable and feature rich. The moment you are going to install it, you will be looking at the software of one of the most popular online poker rooms in the world.


Party Poker may not be able to offer you the softest competition around but you will certainly find many juicy tables making Party Poker one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to soft competition.

Thanks to the fact that you are going to find a high number of online poker players, you will have the opportunity to see lots of sharks but also tons of fish. Often, when spending some time watching a table you will be able to tell who’s what.

As a result of massive marketing you will not only be able to find average Joes around this online poker room, but also many people that have some money in their pockets. One of the best ways to lure the fish on is to play at the mid stakes which can go up to $5/$10. There you will have the opportunity to find a pretty soft competition and also the money will roll into your pockets a lot faster than at the micro and low stakes and you will not have any problems with the sharks who usually play at the high stake.