Poker comes back to Kyiv

Big poker event starts is Kyiv today. PokerMatch UA Millions series with a prize fund of 5,000,000 hryvnia will be held on November 15-25 in the club of sports poker Full House Kyiv. The series is supported by the All-Ukrainian Federation of Sports Poker and will also identify the champion of sport poker in Ukraine.

The organizers promise a variety of tournaments in no-limit Hold’em and Omaha. Players from different cities of Ukraine and guests from abroad will have an opportunity to take part in three major tournaments. The first one, PokerMatch Millions Live will start next Thursday. Ukraine Championship will identify the name of Ukraine’s new champion in sports poker. And the third tournament is called   Gary Bowman’s Poker Cup.

Gary Bowman Honorary President of Ukrainian Sport Poker Federation (USPF) who was one of the pioneers of poker tournament movement in Ukraine. This time, Gary should be on the series and grant the trophy to the winner of the tournament.

The general partner of the Kyiv series is online poker room PokerMatch which has provided over 150 passes to the series via online tournaments. It is also worth noting that Ukraine has recognized and legalized poker as a sport in 2018. Thus offline sport poker events one are now legal again.

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